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    Importing images on the camera (camera operation)

    You can transfer the images on the memory card inside the camera to the smartphone (Imaging Edge Mobile Plus). You can select the images to transfer on your camera or on your smartphone. Here, we explain the method of selecting images on the camera.

    • smartphone icon : smartphone operation
    • camera icon : camera operation
    1. cameraPress the (Playback) button of the camera to turn the camera to playback mode.
    2. camera Press the (Transfer) button.
      • If you cannot use the Transfer button due to the custom key settings, select MENU → (Network) → [Smartphone Connect] → [Select on Cam & Send].
    3. cameraSelect the images to transfer.
    4. smartphoneOn your smartphone, launch Imaging Edge Mobile Plus.
    5. smartphoneWhen [Starts importing images.] message appears, select [OK].
      • The camera and smartphone are connected by Wi-Fi via the Bluetooth function, and the transferred images are displayed on the Imaging Edge Mobile Plus screen.
    • In the default settings, the still images are transferred as 2M (2 megapixels, approximately 2 million pixels) images, and proxy movies are transferred for video. When changing settings, perform the necessary operations from the MENU → (Network) → [Smartphone Connect] → [Select on Cam & Send] screen.