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    Imaging Edge Mobile Plus

    Viewing the imported images (Storage Screen)

    Browse the imported images on your smartphone.

    1. Select (storage) at the bottom-right of the screen.
      Storage Screen of the application. The option "Storage" at the bottom -right of the screen is highlighted.
    2. Browse the images.
      Storage Screen of the application. At the top left of the screen, there is A, and at the top right, there are D to F, with B at the center of the screen. At the bottom left, there is C and at the bottom center of the screen, there is G.
      • A. Folder switchover : Use this to switch between the images captured on Imaging Edge Mobile Plus and the images captured on Imaging Edge Mobile.
      • B. Imported images : The images imported into the smartphone are displayed. Each image is displayed when you select it.
      • C. (Home Screen)
      • D. Filter : You can filter the displayed images.
      • E. Select : Use this when selecting the image. The following is the screen after you tap it.
        Screen when selecting the image. At the top of the screen, there is H, and I is displayed at the upper right of the list of imported images.
        • H. Delete : Deletes the selected images.
        • I. Select 100 : Selects or deselects up to 100 of the most recent images in the folder.
      • F. Number of images : The total number of images in the folder is displayed.
      • G. (Camera Screen): You can remotely operate the camera or view images that are on the camera.
    • The transferred images are placed in the CA_IMAGES folder. Select the relevant folder to display it in an album or camera roll.
    • You cannot delete RAW images. In addition, if you are using Android 10 or lower, the deletion function is not available. If you want to delete images in these cases, use applications supplied with your smartphone, etc.